Images of Athens

The Acropolis by day.(Move your cursor over each photo for caption/description, double click open to view larger image. Then use “back” button to return to this page)


The Acropolis by night

Merrilee at The Parthenon




Street performers on pedestrian street ErmuOutdoor cafes in The PlakaSelling fish at the public market  Traditional music at a restaurant in The Plaka







Platia Monastiraki on a warm, sunny day

Salesgirl at ny favorite gyro shop  Night stroll in The PlakaOdeon of Herodes Atticus at The Acropolis  Hadrian's Library near the Ancient Agora







Relaxing in Platia Monastiraki IMG_3016 resizedA street scene in The PlakaChanging of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in front of the Parliament buildingSyndagma Square at dusk with Parliament building in the backgroundDining in The Plaka at night with the Acropolis in the backgroundIMG_0845 resizedIMG_1067 resized

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12 thoughts on “Images of Athens

  1. Linnea

    Must bring back a lot of happy memories of your earlier days in Greece, Merrilee! The pictures are definitely reminding me of my own wonderful trip there. The food was great, the sights and sites were spectacular.

    • Hi Linnea,
      Thanks for your comments. Yes, lots of memories from when I lived here many years ago. But lots has changed. I especially like th epedestrian walking streets. Am enjoying the food tremendously. I am in a restaurant which has free WIFI, enjoying some traditional Greek food.

  2. Martha Parker

    It must be very interesting being there during the talks with the debt restructure. What do you hear on the streets?

    • Hi Martha,
      I have gotten into a few interesting conversations with English-speaking Greeks regarding the economy. As you can imagine, each has his or her own diverse opinion. The general consensus of these of these people is that the Greeks are being strained to the limit and they are hoping the new government will assist them to get through this.

  3. Howdie Merrilee. How nice it is to view your photos. I want to visit Greece too, I have never been there actually. It must be special to be there now when the political situation is particularly strained and the financial situation very strained for the majority of Greeks. I was in Barcelona in May and the situation there is also very strained which kind of opens people up. At least that’s why I could stay with a very nice woman who had lost her job and now opened her apt up to eek out her living. Will request notifications of your next blog posts, so please post soon again. Love, Magnus

    • Hi Magnus,
      Thanks for your comments. Yes, this is a very interesting time to be traveling in Greece what with the economic situation they are in right now. More blog posts on the way!

  4. Lee Stokes

    Wow Merrilee! Those are really great images! Not only are you getting the best out of your human subjects, but you’re certainly getting the best out of the lovely scenery! And to think you’re just using an ordinary digital! Can’t wait for more!

  5. francis dehullu

    I suppose you can see the social consequenses of the financial and economic crisis that hit Greece in the Streets of Athens and elswhere. How do they take it?

    • Hi Francis,
      I have gotten into several discussions with Greeks about this. It is difficult for them, to say the least, yet they seem to be taking it in stride.

  6. Dan

    Wish I was there! I see these images and I think of that old movie Zorba The Greek. I loved that movie and the Santori music. Maybe I can get there someday. Look forward to more pictures and stories. Enjoy reading your responses to questions from friends.


    • Hi Dan,
      Thanks for your comments. Glad you are enjoying my blog. I highly recommend getting to Greece at least once in your life. It is a very special place.

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