Market Day in Argos

IMG_2670 resizedA bustling outdoor market takes place in one of the squares of the ancient town of Argos in the Peloponnese twice a week. Argos is located on a fertile plain several miles inland from Nafplio, the charming port town I wrote about in my last posting. Nafplio was the historic harbor for Argos for thousands of years.

Larissa Fortress, which looms dramatically over the town, is a combination of architecture from Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman Empire times.


Enjoy the photos!  (Move your cursor over the last three photos for caption/description)

IMG_2692 resized IMG_2688 resized IMG_2683 resized IMG_2705 resized IMG_2707 resized IMG_2698 resized IMG_2718 resized

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2 thoughts on “Market Day in Argos

  1. Betty Ann Czech

    Hi Merrilee, Thank you for taking us on your journey! What a great way for you and us to learn more history.

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