Images of Rome – Part I

The saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” has new meaning to me after spending a couple of weeks exploring ancient Rome along with the vibrant, modern city that greets one at every turn in the road.

(Move your cursor over each photo for caption/description, double click open to view larger image. Then use “back” button to return to this page)

IMG_3849 resized IMG_3411 resized IMG_4397 resized IMG_3441 resized IMG_5560 resized IMG_5562 resized IMG_5496 resized IMG_5596 resized IMG_4412 resized IMG_3585 resized IMG_3483 resized IMG_3486 resized IMG_3495 resized IMG_3803 revised IMG_3564 resized IMG_3547 resized IMG_4060 resized IMG_3782 resized IMG_4327 resized IMG_3617 resized IMG_3660 resized IMG_3638 resizedIMG_5784 resized IMG_5786 resized IMG_5835 resized IMG_5758 resized

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