Conclusion – My travels through Greece, Italy and Israel

I’m back home in Newport, Rhode Island, now.

As I reflect on my recent winter sojourn through Greece, Italy and Israel, I recall some of the people I encountered along the way. Following are photos of a few of them.

Faces of Greece

IMG_3034 resized IMG_2567 resized IMG_3077 resized IMG_2244 resized IMG_1815 resized IMG_2172 resized

Faces of Italy

IMG_6033 resized IMG_5973 resized IMG_5672 resized IMG_6015 resized IMG_6699 resized IMG_5446 resized IMG_5378 resized IMG_5223 resized IMG_5278 resized IMG_4861 resized IMG_4870 resized IMG_4152 resized

Faces of Israel

IMG_7106 resized IMG_7174 resized IMG_7369 resized IMG_7093 resized

Travelogue written by Merrilee Zellner

(Move your cursor over each photo for caption/description, double click open to view larger image. Then use “back” button to return to this page)

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3 thoughts on “Conclusion – My travels through Greece, Italy and Israel

  1. judith kahn

    Welcome home Merrilee from an amazing trip, wishing you a swift adaptation and a wonderful season ahead! Lots of love – Judith (Sar El)

  2. Betty Ann Czech

    Merrilee, the world’s sights are special but the people you encounter along the way are even more special. Thank you for sending the photos of happy encounters. –Betty Ann

  3. Francis

    It was nice travelling with you,I am sure you enjoyed

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